1) Soil and Water testing lab

Since 1971, we have modern Soil and Water testing lab. We test and analyse soil and according to the report suggest farmers the best cane cultivating pratices, oraganic fertilizers and micro fertilizers. We also test farm,s well water to decide the amount of salts and various nutritions.
Soil and Water testing Soil and Water testing

2)Land Improvement

A)Organic fertilizer supply: We provide 40kg/acre organic compost to our farmers on credit to increse soil fertility.
B)Supply compost which dissolve Sulphur and Cane trash: Concentrated sulphur in soil decrease fertilify. To overcome this we supply 5kg/acre compost which liquefy sulphur and cane trash.

3)Chemical fertilizer supply

A)Pre-bed dose: Before bed preparation plant need chemical fertilizers like IFFCO 10:26:26 upto 20kg/acre on credit.
B)Fertilizers containing Micronutritions: We have analised various soil testing reports and came to know that there is deficiency of Zink and Ferrus Micronutritions in land, hence we started supplying the concernig fertilizers. we aslo supply multimacronutritions and multimicronutritions fertilizers which we purchase from VSI.

4)Supply sugarcane setts through 3-tier scheme:

We purchase tissueculture plants and healthy sugarcane setts from eminent research institutes like VSI and Padegoan Research Center, and supply to our farmers. We also provide healthy and good quality setts to farmers.

5)Pesticides supply

Sometimes cane setts are infected, to control crop disease we provide Insecticides, Bactericides nad Fungicides.
Soil and Water testing

6)Acetobacter biofertilizer supply:

It is a symbiotic bacteria capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen by living within the sugar plant.Acetobacter biofertilizer is suitable for sugarcane cultivation. Use of Acetobacter increases the crop production in large scale. We provide 1lit/acre.

7) Insecticide supply:

Insects, pests, fungi, warms, Lokari Mava damages sugarcrop badly. To control them we supply insecticides on credit.

8)Weed Distroyer supply:

To control weeds on proper time we provide Sencor,2-4D and ultratap on credit.

9)Supply of organic fertilier:

Oraganic fertilizer increases soil fertility, hence we made compost from spent wash. we provide compost on no-profit-no-loss basis.

10)Shivsamruddhi Oraganic Fertilizer:

This fertilizer is made by processing industry compost and adding various micro-organisms. We provide 1000kg/acre to the farmers.
Soil and Water testing Soil and Water testing