Cane Developement Plan

1) Soil and Water testing lab Since 1971, we have modern Soil and Water testing lab. We test and analyse soil and according to the report suggest farmers the best cane cultivating pratices, oraganic fertilizers and micro fertilizers. We also test farm,s well water to decide the amount of salts and various nutritions.


M/s. Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Patil S.S.K. Ltd Shankarnagar – Akluj, Dist- Solapur, Maharashtra Installed Molasses Based 60 KLPD Wash to Rectified Spirit / Extra Neutral Alcohol Distillery Plant & 40 KLPD Molecular Sieve based Rectified Spirit to Anhydrous Ethanol Plant in October 2014. Plant & Machinery is supplied by M/s Praj Industries Ltd. Pune. Plant is fully atomized and based on Multi-pressure vacuum distillation with integrated Evaporator process. We produce Export quality Rectified spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol, and Absolute Alcohol (Ethanol).

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